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X-Plane 10.45 Windows 7. Latest Metar downloads OK, but winds aloft do not. At 34000 ft get 0 kts whereas I know from third party programs that the jet stream is raging. At 12000 ft also get 0 kts.

I looked in winds.rwx and it is not a text file in the format suggested in your notes to developers. Rather it is full of html script and is in fact a NOAA website. For some reason X-Plane is not parsing the wind info but dumping the html straight into the file.

METAR.rwx file is in the correct format and the weather at airports is correct.

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We discovered recently that the web link we used to download the winds file in 10.45 is not stable. This issue should be addressed in 10.50 which is currently in beta. 10.50 downloads .grib wind files and winds.rwx will only be used for custom (or plugin) weather.