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Even while parked on a ramp my 3D cockpit view moves around under the mouse cursor, as if it were floating.  The speed indicator moves up and down also, as if there were turbulence.  This happens with different planes, even when ATIS states there is very little wind.  It's almost impossible to use the mouse to adjust settings because of this spurious movement.  I have unplugged the mouse, yoke, pedals and the problem persists, so it's not likely a problem with one of these devices.  I have calibrated everything, did not fix.  I've check every setting I can find, and don't see anything that might address this.

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Hi Tonyrae,

Let's start with the most basic thing to check first: what type of weather settings are you using? You mention ATIS--are you using METAR weather? Do you notice any weather differences when you see this--does it happen with cloudy/bad weather as well as perfectly clear? Is it only with third party aircraft?

Please upload a screen shot of your weather settings and let me know if you can reproduce this with a specific default aircraft and I can try to reproduce it.
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Hello, thank you for responding. I am running Win 7 SP 1, X-Plane 10.42.  I have inserted a jpg composite of my X-Plane About info, weather settings (yes I am using METAR), and startup settings (airport is KEUG, plane is default Baron 58, tracking real date/time and using real weather.  The problem occurs with any plane I use, 3rd party or x-plane default.  The problem occurs in all kinds of weather. I think I could make a video for you to look at if that would help.

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I found out why this was happening. in the View tab I had Toggle Cinema Verite toggled on ON.  When I turned this off the problem disappeared.  All is OK now.  Thank you for your help.