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Where is the X-Plane Folder with X-Plane 10 Global Digital Download Edition? Can not install scenery: New York City XP by Drzewiecki Design (windows 10 64 bit). I start X-Plane by using the icon in the desktop folder where I ran the Installer from.

Ordered from: ‚Äčhttp://www.sim-planet.com/en/x-plane-downloads/drzewiecki-design-new-york-city-xp.html

It said 'Windows installer is fully automatic'. But I get Error Installing New York City XP Windows

 Where is your X-Plane Located?
      X-Plane Folder directory on this computer is unknown. Please select your main
      X-Plane Folder in the next window. This is required at the first install only.

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I'm not familiar with the installer used for the New York City payware you are trying to install. However, that message sounds similar to one you may see if you use another of our programs--World Editor. It appears the NYC installer needs you to show it where your X-Plane folder is installed. It should open a Windows dialog box where you can navigate through folders, drives, etc until you find and select your X-Plane install. (We recommend installing X-Plane on the desktop because it makes it easier to find in situations like this.)

If that does not work, please try contacting the designer.

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