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I am afraid about losing/damaging the original DVDs. I would like to use the copy to be sure there is no way I could lose the simulator, while original discs stay safely in the box. Is that possible?

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Hi MaciheiAF,

I am no expert on the back up of the discs however, here are a couple of links that I have completed and my discs are now stored forever subject to acquiring a new computer.

With the boxed disc set, disc 1 has to be installed in your computer for X-plane to run.  Purchase the USB key at the following link  http://www.x-plane.com/store/desktop/x-plane_10_home-use_usb_key/

By doing so you don't have to insert/use disc 1.  It can be stored with the other discs.

In the second instance watch the following video clip link from Wycliffe Barrett at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9wubukUlxI   The X-plane installer link mentioned in the video can be found at http://www.x-plane.com/downloads/x-plane_10_installer-updater/

If, as I have done, you follow up on these two tips, you can lock/store your discs away in a safe place basically forever.

Hope this helps.


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