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Overall the joy stick / button setup and interface is pretty good.  However now that I've built a switch interface using a BU0386 I think I found a serious short-coming.  I'm hoping it's just my ignorance but it seems that X-plane functions only respond to a switch turning on.  For example if I have toggle switch representing the landing light, it looks like it has to be an single pole double throw (SPDT) switch to trigger the light tuning on AND the light turning off. In other words it utilizes TWO switch inputs to capture both the ON request and OFF requests.  The ADV Button page's check marks indicate X-plane is processing the switch state and not just its transition to on. That is it knows when the switch is on and when it's off.  Again, I hope I'm just missing something obvious.  So is there a way to make a single pole single throw (SPST) switch turn the light on and off?

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Hi Russ,

To set this up you'll want to look for the toggle options. For example, there are commands to set taxi lights off, on or to toggle. The toggle option with go through the available positions.

There are some on the Buttons: basic tab, or you can access all commands in the buttons:Adv tab. For a list of commands, see commands.txt in the resources > plugin folder.