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I am an engineering teacher at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, CA. My students are involved in a collaborative project with NASA where we will be testing a object avoidance system on UASs. We would like our students to build our campus and the UASs in X-plane in preparation for NASA's new system. The goal of the project will be to showcase NASA's system by having it work in the SIM before trying it our in actual flight. I have a team of 16 students that  will be working in X-Plane to try and  make this happen.  Do you offer discounted prices for a class set?

Constance Arriola

Principles of Engineering Teacher

Lancaster CA


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Hi Constance,

We are part of a program called Fly to Learn which offers school packages and curriculum for X-Plane. You can check out the ordering page here, or you can contact Randy Witt with customer service directly at [email protected]