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1st, thx to novice1 and jroberts, the question and answer helped a lot. Still have some unresolved issues though.

It seems to me, there is no 'right' way to do this challenge. The 1st 3 or 4x I did it, got lost n bailed out.  The 1st time I actually found the island I came in from the back , and would have had to make a right turn instead of a left turn to hit the runway. Idk how I ended up there, jus dumb luck I guess, but going over the mountain approaching the airport I had a score of 56, and I landed on 8r(I believe) instead of 26l, which is the same runway, jus a different approach. the landing was horrible, but I ended up with a score of 80(my highest as of this post), and this is where it gets bizarre. 

Since I read novices thread I believe I'm basically doing it right, but it seems like there's a piece missing, or I'm misinterpreting something. I mean, I could fly this route now...blind, and probably get close. The thing is if I am doing it right, somethings DEF wrong, bc the highest score I've had since then is a 79. Usually get a 37 on vor, 100 on t/o and 95-100 on landing. The highest my score has been going n2 the approach(the right way) is a 45. 

I think the prob imo is the last set of instructions, the localizer prompt. I'm gonna include some screenshots, and describe them. Maybe some1 will see somethin I'm missing. 

I really like xplane, but I'm so fed up with this challenge, im ready to set my hair on fire. 

The 1st screenshot is where I almost always end up after I acquire the 304 localizer(almost, bc somethin diff happened 2day, n I'll xplane that when I'm done with 1st screenshot), to the left of the island and parallel with 26r. What I usually do is jus lookout the window to the left till I'm parallel with the runway, then turn. Which leads to a heading of 259, and the 2nd screenshot. B4 the 2nd ss let me xplane what happened 2day.  When I acquired the 304 localizer, the heading of 304, I was almost to the airport(i4got to take a ss..sorry) I'd say about 2 or 3 miles out, not sure. If I had continued on that heading without deviating, I would have gone directly over the stripes of the runway. There is no way I could have landed the plane approaching like that. The bizarre thing is, b4 reaching 304, my score went from 45 to 50 as I approached the airport. I would say from about 270 till 304 I gained 5 points.  When I turned to the right to get a decent approach, lost every 1 of those points.  Bizarre. Ne way, landed the plane, n got a 77.             

  Not much to be said about the 2nd ss, xcept I'm lined up on approach at 259, which is the turn I make b4 becoming directly parallel with the runway. O yeah, the vor indicator is still stuck to the left, and the turn did not affect it at all.

That's it. Like I said, novice1 and jroberts thread was a great help. 

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