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newbe user. Calibrated Logitech Extreme 3d yoke but cannot steer Cesina on ground taxi... steers to left and cannot turn plane.
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You are using rudder to steer and not yoke?

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The Cessna will pull a bit to the left due to being a single engine prop plane. Please double check that your yoke's axes are all set to the functions you expect in the Joystick screen. If you only did the quick calibration the first time you plugged it in, it might not have recognized all the axes.
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I have same joystick on desktop.. tho I have some other controllers too. But, yes, I had to define all Extreme 3d joystick functions under Settings, including that 'twist' for rudder/steering. Real Cessna's don't steer well, anyhow.. nose wheel is spring loaded. I also like to steer using 'differential braking'... which I additionally set for a couple EX3d buttons (left/right).. and found it didn't work well in XP. But then again.. in real plane it doesn't work well either!!  (Instructor pointed out to me... 'airplanes are made to FLY', not to steer around on ground. Further... taxi should be no faster than a brisk walking speed.
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Cessna's pull to the left mostly because of the torque of the rotating propeller.

When Taxing  the x plane cessna you have to twist the joystick to the right to give the plane right rudder. If you have rudder peddles push the right rudder. As you add power you have to add right rudder on cessna's. I notice the up graded x plane cessna doesn't seem to have that pulling left issue, like it did on older program.