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When calibration is completed, should the 3 axis bar stay at the same position as I'm not touching the joystick? I'm curious that my joystick is not good or it is normally this way. Here's the picture of my after calibration when I'm not touching the joystick and the second picture is when I touch it to make it centered.

When I'm not touching the joystick.

When I touch it just to make it centered.

I think when I let go of my joystick. It must be the same as the second picture, isn't it?

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that shouldn't be how it is

I can check on mine later

but does that little bit mess with your flying?
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Hmm - that is odd. It looks like it may be a hardware issue. Is that joystick new?
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Hi boompanupong,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

What software or how are you trying to calibrate the hardware?

If using the saitek now logitech software you need to do a TOTAL deletion and dump the software in the bin.  There should be no remnant files left in your system.  It will not work with X-Plane. Alternatively if you are using your operating system then forget that process.  

The only way you will get any satisfaction is install the hardware through/in X-Plane.

The same applies for any saitek instruments.  You need to use a purpose built programme called xsaitekpanels found at

Good luck.