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Under "Settings menu THEN to Net Connections, we entered the Instructor's Public ISP under the upper box and the Students's ISP under the lower box.  

On both the instructor and the student ends of the connection attempt, the yellow feedback under each of our Private ISP numbers,  in paraphrase, said "we successfully sent to the public ISP _ _ _....., but got nothing back".

It logically seems like the signal hit both of our routers & didn't / have any way of knowing the signal request for connectivity actually came from the private network IP addresses we both are located/exist on.

Seems like we're close, but as of yet no cigar!

Thank you in advance.

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Have you read through the section of the manual on setting up an IOS?

From your description it kind of sounds like you put both IPs in the same X-Plane. If you are using two computers, one should have the IP for the instructor (making it the student) and the other needs the IP for the student so that it is the instructor.

You can use the IOS on one computer with two monitors, but that is set up in the rendering options screen, not net connections.

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No, we were two computers - 700 miles apart and we both printed the 4 paragraphs of the manual titied "Using an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) for Flight Training.  

We searched Google and got the respective Public ISP's for both of our individually separate routers.  The "Student" entered my public ISP into the provided "Student" top box, and I " the Instructor" entered his Public ISP into the bottom dialogue box

Am I right?  Is it the difference between the public ISP being drastically address different from the private network ISP that exist securely behind the router"s firewall is the where the problem lies?

The X-Plane software on the Instructor's computer didn't have any idea that the Student's Master copy of the sim program was asking to connect because the Router said nothing.  On both ends, we show that we sent a request.  And, on both ends, were informed that neither end of the requested handshake gave any response.
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Ah ok this info helps a lot.

This is *possible*, but unsupported... you're correct in thinking that the public IP is different from the IP of the actual machine, and it takes quite a bit of technical knowledge to make that not the case. (You've got to make sure that at each level of the networking infrastructure, from the ISP down to the router you connect to at home, traffic is getting routed to the right place.)

It's not something we support, and not something I'd even recommend spending your time working on unless you really, really know your way around networking. (FWIW, this sort of thing is complicated enough that when X-Plane needs it---for our web servers---we pay other people to deal with it for us.)

X-Plane's networking really only functions well when the two computers are on the same network. For example, if you had friends over to fly together and they're using your same wifi router.

The other option is to use a third party server. This is why services such as VATSIM exist.
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I know you don't systemically support it, and this question I don't think seeks that.  

To lose the teach/focus dilution of time that showing proper respect for send/receive engaging the ATC training environment of VATSIM represents,do you think the Squawkbox client would also work on a "nobody on it but us" dedicated server that I would just elsewhere rent?


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I didn't notice at first glance, but the FAQ's of SquawkBox say that it is cliently only applicable to VATSIM.  Bummer Dude!

I would be willing to pay to have that programming done, can you connect me with the people who you use so I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel describing what I'm trying to set up with a "stabbing the yellow pages" kind of a resolution effort?
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It was originally designed by Ben Supnik I believe, and he is head developer on X-Plane so he is no longer working on the plugin. It looks like a man by the name of Chris Collins has taken over updating it. Otherwise, if you're looking for help or recommendations you might check the forums at as they have a large user base.