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Just purchased X-Plane 10 desktop last week and it constantly crashes, generally around 3/4 through the flight. Using on a late 2013 27" iMac with 1 gig Vram and 8 gig system ram.  I never even have other programs running when I'm using x-plane.  Very frustrating especially after spending 60 bucks!!

Would appreciate any help

Ken mastro

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HI Ken,

I am no expert on X-plane, however, there are others on this forum that have and had the same problem.

Compare your computer specifications with the minimum and recommended specifications to run X-plane satisfactorily.

As mentioned by you and commented upon by others in other postings, your flight crashes after some flying time. If your "Mac is aged" it may not have sufficient cooling within the case.  If your "computer" and "screen" are an integrated unit then that may also be part of the problem due to insufficient cooling.  It is also worth considering the capacity of the computer's power supply ie is it a 350 watt unit or 650 watt plus unit.  The higher the number the lesser of the risk of insufficient power to operate the computer.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response Glenn!

This Mac is fairly new.  Late 2013 model that I actually got in 2014, which is much newer than X-Plane 10 itself.  My old iMac use to heat up terribly but this one doesn't at all and since X-Plane 10 is actually developed on Macs, I'm surprised it crashes at all when none of my other programs do.
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Hi Ken,

You have some custom scenery and plugins that could be causing problems. The first basic troubleshooting things to try are:

  1. Remove custom scenery & Plugins & see if it still happens.
  2. Move or delete preferences to see if the defaults fix the issue.

If neither of those things help, you might consider making a copy of your install and updating it to the 10.50 beta to see if there is a bug that has been fixed.