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Hey guys, I just bought a copy of xplane 10 global VERSION 10.32( with 9 disks included). 8 of them numbered form 1-8 and the last disk is an addon disk for 3 airports included in the box. When I insert dvd 1 into the drive, it doesn't read it and I cant find it on the  my computer page. same with disk 2 as well. However, when I inserted the addons disk, it read it perfectly fine and I could go in and set up if I wanted too. I Have fsx gold edition and Just flights rescue pilot and the dvd drive reads them fine. Im running windown 8.1 pro. Please help !!!!!! Thanks in advance !

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It sounds like it could be a defective disc, if the computer doesn't recognize it at all, but does find the other ones. I would start by contacting the vendor who sold it to see if they will replace it.

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