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Hello guys,

I bought Xplane 10 for a few months, I had installed it 3 months ago, and after I needed to unistall it.

Today I tryed to install it again, but I got this message "You already have Xplane 10 installed on this computer".

And the only option is "Install a second copy of XPlane10", I tryed that one, but the instalation crashed.

For been a copy I am also getting a message when I star the Xplane.exe, "this is a copy of xplane"

So guys, how can I unistall the software properly? To install it again with no problems.

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I think you should tell us for which OS you are going to install it, since Linux, Win, etc have different locations for configuration files

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For Mac & Windows users, uninstalling X-Plane simply requires dragging the whole folder to the trash. 

Please make sure you use the latest installer from when you try re-installing.