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I downloaded X-Plane 10 demo, for Linux 64 bits. When executing it, is asking me a product key? how come? Isn't it supposed to start downloading the software and then, be ready to execute ti?

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That screen is the opportunity for people who have purchased X-Plane on DVD or digital download to unlock it. To use demo mode, simply press the left button to run the demo. You can run the demo for 15 minutes of uninterrupted flight time without making a purchase.
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may I purchase a no-dvd key to unlock the time limit on the demo ?

I don't want to buy and install the global installation as I don't have much disk space on my computer, but the demo suits my needs for simple flight around an airport
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You could purchase a USB key. It will unlock the demo time limit, but it has no scenery. If you ever want to install scenery later, you would still have to purchase a full copy of X-Plane for the full price.

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Yes, it could be cool

Or else, does the Global installation let you choose which regions to install ? It could save a lot of disk space ...

And bonus question : is it possible to do this selection in a Steam install ?


Thanks for your answer anyway !
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Yes, the either global edition allows you to pick any scenery you want to install. Scenery is installed completely separately in a Steam install, so at first you wouldn't have scenery anyway. I'm not sure how it's installed with Steam (with the X-Plane installer it's installed in tiles that are 10 degree latitude by 10 degree longitude).
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that's so great ! thanks !

so there is a scenery manager in X-plane where I would pick up just the regions I want ? (sorry, I'm totally new and I loved the demo)

Also will be able to download sceneries from here without downloading a whole region ?
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Also, just to be sure, the "empty" install doesn't need 80Gb as noted in the requirements, right ?
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Right, the empty install is about the same size as the demo (less than 6 GB IIRC). With the latest installer you should be able to just "update" the demo and install scenery if you want to. There are a few files that are installed with a full version that aren't in the demo (earth orbit textures for example).

If you do not install the default scenery for an area, you will only have water under your airports! Even if you add custom scenery or download Gateway airports. The default scenery includes the land textures. It's very easy to uninstall scenery, so you could swap it around all the time if you'd like & if your computer is limited in hard drive space.