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So, This crash seems different than any other I've seen in this and other forums. I just got the full version and did the "tutorial", which worked out really great. Then I tried a few of the new planes, flying just visual, works perfectly. Then I tried IFR...

After a couple of crashes and not a single one able to "send the crash file" to Laminar, I decided to investigate on my own. It turns out the radio / map windows "disappear" instead of close, and when I try to open them again, the whole program crashes.

How to reproduce:

1. Start X-Plane, choose a scenario, for example, parked on an airport gate. Doesn't matter the aeroplane, I've reproduced it with many, flying, parked, etc.

2. Press ENTER / m to open the radio / map windows, it works first time and the icon on the top right corner goes blue.

3. Close the window. Either top-right on the window itself, of top-right blue icon on icon bar, doesn't matter.

4. Try to open again, crash.

If I click on the blue icon to close the window, it goes grey, but crashes when I try to open again.

If I click on the squares icon on the top-right corner of the window itself, the top-right radio/map icon remains blue, and crashes when I press ENTER/m or try those icons.

For now, all I can do is to fly visual, which is ok, but I was really looking forward the improved radio and maps. :(

Some details:

Arch Linux (Rolling, updated this week, 4.10.11-1-ARCH)

i7-4790 x 8, 16GB RAM, GTX 970

Default graphics settings, no add-ons (just installed).
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Just updated to 11.02b1 and the issue is fixed. Thanks!

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Thank you for the very specific steps! Please attach a copy of the log.txt for further investigation. I will probably need to file this bug directly for a developer with a Linux system to investigate. 

If you find crash bugs like this in the future with very clear reproduction, you can file the steps + log.txt directly on the bug reporter form.

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Hi, there's absolutely nothing on the log:

0:01:31.405 D/ATC: Validating altitude for p=2 (N02XP): filed: 9000 usable_rte_dist: 142.118912 maxDescent: 35000 maxAlt: 35000 minAlt: 9000 chosen_alt: 9000
0:01:31.405 D/ATC: p=2 (N02XP): Cleared IFR
0:01:31.405 D/ATC: p=2 (N02XP): Squawk 4700
0:01:31.546 D/ATC: p=2 (N02XP): Taxi (12 points issued)
--=={This application has crashed!}==--

I'#ll submit it anyway on the page you pointed me. I just tried today again, after some updates, same thing.
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So, I submitted the bug report, but I don't know how to add more information to it.

What I just found is that if I click on the "close" red dot on the top-left side of the radio window, I can open and close as many times as I want.

If I click on what seems to be a "maximise" icon (two squares misaligned), the icon remains blue on the top bar and clicking on it / pressing ENTER crashes the system.

This will let me play (if I always make sure to click on the red close button), but I can't press ENTER to close it, or it will crash.

Also, I'm running the beta and have updated to r2 recently, with the same crash. Hope if helps.