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I have the x-plane 9 6-dvd set and got a new computer. I am having trouble installing on my new iMac.

I downloaded the updated installer but get an error after running the installer message saying:

DVD scan: The installer cannot extract a file.

Error: We were unable to read from a zip file (short-read error). It may be missing or damaged.

Compressed File: /Volumes/XPLANE9/X-Plane 9/

Destination Path: /private/var/folders/o7/rxckbbf500nfgcc11bh8x75c0000gr/T/TemporaryItems/

(/Volumes/RAID/code/design/Installer-f/main.cpp line 453

Only option at this point is to click 'Understood' which closes the installer.

Please help me get x-plane installed. Thanks.

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Hi DaRoosterRoo, 

First I want to double check you got an X-Plane 9 installer and not the v10 installer. The welcome screen (initial screen) of the installer should tell you want version it's for.

The v9 updater is located here. It looks like you might need to use the installer on the discs and then use that updater to get the latest version of v9. 

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The installer on the disk will not open.  That is why I downloaded the x-plane 9 installer from the support website. Definitely downloaded v9 not v10.

Any other suggestions?
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Hm, I guess double check that you fully unzipped the compressed file. Could antivirus software be catching it and preventing it from working? We just had that problem with Windows 10 and the latest World Editor beta.

Are you trying to launch the installer from the v9 disc or are you just copying it to your desktop? Does trying the other way make a difference?