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I have x-plane 9 and 6 disks of senary and extras but my disk one is not loading all the senary. Can you help?

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Can you explain in more detail what the problem is? Are you trying to install all the scenery? Do you have X-Plane 9 installed and disc 1 in the drive to get out of demo mode? Please list step by step what you are doing.
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Hi Thanks for the reply.


The problem is that I can only install x-plane if I do not select any scenery if l select anything it gets to a point and try's to get the files but says there is an error.


Think disk 1 might be the issue. I can install it  if I don't select any scenery it loads fine. I tried also to drag the scenery in by hand but  get the same error.


I live in the uk so only looking for uk scenery at the moment is there anywhere I can download this?




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Hi Stewart,

No, X-Plane 9 scenery is only available on the DVDs. You can contact support at [email protected]. If this is the first time you've tried to use your DVDs, it's possible something is broken on it.