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I have just purchased x-plane 10 digital.

I have only used the UK scenery maps. I have also updated with the most recent update.

But when I go to run the programme it is taking a very very long time to load.

As yet I have not even had it running.

I have just noticed that as soon as I start the exe programme and touch anything on the screen the programme says its not responding/

Is there anything I am doing wrong.

See my computer specs and log file. attached.

Thanks for any help,


imageDownload file


imageDownload file



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I don't see anything obvious in the log. When it freezes, you can open Task Manager and right click on the X-Plane program to save a dump file. You can compress and send us the file through the bug reporter here for further investigation.

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Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

I'll do what you say and send a dump file.

I'm not back to my computer until the weekend.

I'm a real world helicopter pilot and really enjoy the aircraft Sims and am hoping that X-plane is all people say it is.

Thanks again