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Upon opening x plane after updating to 10.50 (Steam), the alerts 'Paused' and 'Frozen' appear on the screen. I am unable to move the aircraft (I have tried more than one type), but can increase/decrease throttle and use all other controls. I assume that it has something to do with the 'Frozen' icon. I tried changing a key to operations/freezegroundspeedsimulation thinking it would toggle it, but it doesn't respond to the key being pressed. Any help at all is appreciated as I can't do much except look at the scenery...


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I have the same problem.

Since the last update Plane freezes

How to solve the problem ???

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Please try moving, deleting or renaming the preferences folder (found in the Output folder in the X-Plane folder). Then restart X-Plane to restore defaults.
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I tried starting the plane on 3-mile final for the runway and that got rid of the PAUSED. Then I got rid of FROZEN by this: set a button on the joystick to sim 1x 2x 4x groundspeed, and as soon as I toggled this, FROZEN disappeared and the groundspeed toggled as expected - FROZEN did not come back.