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I bought X-Plane 10 Global and USB Key since 1 year. Despite the USB Key more then 10 times program stopped my flight with blocking of joystick. After insertion of DVD#1 it recognized my installation, but game continue with blocking only roll, pitch and yaw. Other key of joystick continue to work.

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You will need to start X-Plane with the key plugged in for it to unlock correctly.

What version of X-Plane are you using? If there were problems we could fix, they will be in updates.
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The problem is that this USB Key never is out of the USB port since I have bought it. If You read carefully text on the screen, You will see that HASP because unknown reasons couldn't do its work! But the problem isn't only that, as I have wrote After insertion of DVD#1 of X-Plane Global 10.35, my joystick continue to be inactive.

As You see the problem isn't so simple.

To prevent advise about updating to 10.5, there the problem is in the resolution of screen. Menu screen became with so small text that it's impossible to read text. That is the reason because I have passed 10.45 and now .... I don't know because I Have bought DC-6 of PMDG. When installation is from DVD 10.35 all menu text is in normal size.

Thank You for Your answer, but again, as You could see the problems aren't so simple.
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You could try moving, deleting or renaming your preferences folder (found in the output folder) to restore defaults.

Otherwise, I would recommend you contact customer support either by phone or email.