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im using 10.42 on iMac. When I am in full screen, I can get the menus at the top of the screen, but the drop down menus don't work. Also, on the rare occasion when they do work, I can't get out of full screen. I recall I had no problems like this when in windowed mode. It's only in full screen. IMac is new 27 inch 5K with ssd. Thanks for any help. I had to shut down the entire computer to get out of x-plane. File/Quit didn't even work.
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Same thing happening in Windows 10 with v10.42. Doesn't help there are no keys assigned to menu functions. Basically renders X-Plane unusable because you cannot access the menu at all to do anything. You can click on the menu, but as soon as you move your mouse it disappears before you can make any selection.

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If you create a second desktop using Spaces - information here you will be able to 'swipe' out of X Plane, with regard to the window problem I suspect that it might be the Mac's resolution being greater than what X Plane expects to find.

Hope this helps



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iMac users simply need tp hit the f3 key.
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The F3 helped get the window to be smaller than full screen, but moving the pointer to the top of the window does not show any menu items so I still can't close the program or change the resolution or choose not to run in full window. Is there a way to find the rendering options in the X-Plane 10 files without actually opening the whole program perhaps?  If so, what would I then do to keep it from always opening in full screen on my Retina 5k iMac?

Thanks for any help, Luke
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Found another string that suggested the screen resolutions file should be deleted. I did that. Then I restarted and hooray!  I am no longer in full screen. I am in a  window.
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Tried that and still in fullscreen mode.