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I'm running X-plane 10 on Ubuntu 16.04, new thrustmaster usb rudder pedals are recognized by linux (good jstest, can calibrate axes), but rudder pedal axes (3 including brakes) do not show up for assignment in x-plane, only the previously existing 4 axis joystick is there.
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Did you try what jroberts told you?

I going to have the same setup und I d like to know if it works

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I didn't know about this, so thanks for finding it and posting your answer here. I'll keep this in mind if I see this again.
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Did you have the pedals plugged in when you started X-Plane or did you plug them in after launch? Please try the opposite and see if that fixes it.
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I tried both ways prior to posting the question, no luck either way.
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Have you checked for drivers for the pedals? It could go either way--if you installed a driver it could work better without it, or vice versa. I've even heard of people having issues with USB 3.0 drivers not working with X-Plane even if they work with other games. X-Plane 10 is getting kind of old, so the newer the technology the less likely it is to work well with the sim, unfortunately.
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No driver installed - pretty sure Guillemot/Thrustmaster doesn't make a linux module for them! They're using the usbhid module, the same as the joystick, which is working.  Any other ideas?

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