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I have CH Yoke and 4 Saitek Panels and have the "Pro Flight Rudder Pedals". Control Panel says Rudder Pedals are recognized but I can't find a place to have pedals or brakes recognized. Also some function on my Saitek Panels work such as Flaps, trim, landing gear are OK but Start switch does not. What can I do to get these functions operational.

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I did not have any issues setting up my Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. Please try plugging them in while X-Plane is already running.

Even if the "quick calibration" screen comes up, you will need to go into the Joystick and Equipment screen to actually set each axis.

You'll need to set up any other buttons the same way, in the Joystick screen. There are no pre-configured settings for any flight hardware in X-Plane.