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It seems that Windows 10 is becoming the least desirable platform to use. Many of us including myself have noticed that the performance with latest win10 updates is severely lowered compared to previous win 10 version. To make the matter worse there is also a deficiency when switching between other programs and the sim where fps drops to 1 digits.

I contacted MS support about this and even though the guy I was talking to was pleasant and told me he will tell about this to their development team it seemed as he was more inclined to the idea that it was the fault of graphic cards drivers and game developers and it's them we should contact. Considering I tried all the available drivers for my GTX 1080 I wasn't able to remove the program. To confirm my suspicions more the sim was working very well on the same system before the updates mentioned above which followed soon after Anniversary release.

Now don't be fooled it isn't only X-Plane that is affected because it seems that all applications running under OpenGL are. Here are some topics about this:

I'm writing this here because there was a win10 update a few days ago and the issue still remains and I think it's time for the developers to start asking questions. We all know MS is inclined towards D3D and the way they made Win 10 inaccessible to a user by forcing us to have as little control over our windows as possible I'm getting quite worried.
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Update KB3193494 ( also breaks OpenGL. BTW, this update seems to be just a repackage of KB3189866.

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I've worked around this issue by uninstalling the update KB3189866, rebooting, and hiding that specific update using the "Show or hide uptades" procedure on this link:

Framerate problem vanished after uninstalling KB3189866 update. However, after a few days my computer installed KB3193494 automatically and the problem appeared again. I uninstalled KB3193494 and re-done the "Show or hide updates" stuff. So far, no new updates messed my X-Plane. :)
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Yup, this has gotten to a point where I'm considering moving back to windows 7.
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I am going to try this cause that may be why I am getting the same weird issue... Frame rates started going down out of the blue.