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I have created an airplane in plane maker. Its a biplane flying wing configuration that is a VTOL vehicle. It sits vertically with leading edge pointing skyward and has 8 propellers on the leading edge of the wing along the span all pointing skyward.

I want the airplane to take off at 50% thrust setting and the propellers should spool up as fast as possible. I set the spoolup time to 0.1 sec, and prop mass to solid aluminum ratio as 0.3. The power is 2 hp, but changing it is not making any difference.

The only thing that seems to make a difference are the transmission losses. If I set the transmission losses to 0.4, then the airplane takes off vertically at 50% thrust. However the propellers do not immediately spoolup.

It improves if I set the transmission losses to 0, but then the airplane does not take off at 50% thrust setting.

It would be great if someone can help out.



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