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I'm experiencing this problem during my X-Plane 10.50 sessions:

As I use X plane 10 it seems that the simulator kills my internet connection, every program that is downloading something slows to 0 Kb/s untill I close X-Plane then everything came back to normal.
For example: I was downloading a game via Origin (EA Games) at 840 Kb/s but when I opened X-Plane and started the flight session the download speed reduced to 0 Kb/s and in the internet  tab of task manager every program is using 0 % of connection (while normally I have always some process that is downloading something).

Yesterday I reinstalled X-Plane (after a pc format) to try to solve the problem but nothing changed (at the moment X-Plane is "virgin" no add on/plugin installed.)

Can you help me? Is there something that I can do?

My PC: Windows 10 64 bit, X-Plane 10.50 (no beta, last stable update) CPU: i7 3770K @4.4 Ghz. GTX 780Ti 3Gb, 16 GB RAM, SSD 500 Gb plus HDD 1 TB WD Blue, internet via ethernet cable (and a power link).

Every test that I did was in low workload situation: KSEA with default Baron 58 at dusk.

If you need some log file tell me, I am not so confident with X-Plane world.


Thank you in advance

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I would not recommend downloading large files while utilizing an application like X-Plane, which hogs many computer resources.

Make sure real-world weather is off, for starters. X-Plane may be using the bandwidth of the internet connection.

And yes, please attach a log.txt.

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