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First of all, I am quite new to the X-Plane world. I am using XP (11 Beta) now already for a while, next to P3D, and I have to admit that XP really looks great, especially in the night.

Now I have a problem with XP, I think it could be a bug.

After 4-5 hours inflight I always lose my internet connection.

Windows says it is connected to the internet and has access to the internet, but I cannot access the internet, not via Chrome or any other browser, nor can XPlane or xEnviro can get weather updates.

After a system restart everything works again until I fly again more than 4/5 hours.

I am connected to my router via an Ethernet cable. I also can access my flight sim PC via another PC over the network. When XP is not running I can use my computer as normal, the internet connection is not vanishing.

This problem appears everytime I am flying more than 4/5 hours.

All my other PCs have internet access and I have this only when flying in XP over more than 4/5 hours, and only when running XP. With P3D or any other programs I don't have these problems. My computer also has an IP adress, everything looks normal.
I am not running any anti virus software on my fs-pc, even the Windows Defender is switched off.

The affected PC is just an flight sim pc, no other background tasks etc. are running.

I have uploaded a few files like the log.txt, ipconfig.txt and 3 screenshots of the settings:


EDIT: It is a reproducable problem. Every time I am flying more than 4 hours the internet connection is getting lost...

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards


My system:

Intel I7-7820X@4,4 GHz, ASUS ROG X299E, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, Zotac GTX 980, 2x512 GB SSD, Windows 10 x64 Pro (english version)
X-Plane 11.10

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