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I'm developping my own app by udp package...

If I use VEH1 I lose the aircraft control. There is a way for change the aircraft position and recover the control after use it?


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Hi aln,

If there was a change in how your app behaved in 10.45 vs. 10.50, please file a bug report here. List all the steps you must take to see the problem. Be as specific as possible. Please be sure to include all the resources we'd need to reproduce the issue, such as a link to or copy of your app.

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imageDownload file

Thanks for your support. I uploaded from 10.32 to 10.5 and it never worked! after use VEH1 loop for continue reposition and turn off my app, I can't take the aircraft control again. Also, the representation in multiplayer of one to the  other one jiggle.


I let you a video...



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VEH1 is only for permanently remote-controlling the aircraft for an installation where the physics comes from another source.

Use one of the data input/output lines to set the location if you need to set it on a one-time basis.
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thank you for your support :)

if I use continue local location, Can I refresh the local map for the refresh local map transition between plane1 (Master position) and plane2 (slave position)?
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Hi aln, 

For any more specific questions, you may find it helpful to ask in the forums