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I am running X-plane 10.41 on a single computer with a Titan video card. I would like to have a touch screen monitor for displaying panels and a separate monitor for viewing scenery. What hardware and/or software do I need?
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I am in the same configuration , witch  software can we use for displaying panels on a different screen, compatible with XPLane 10 (jet & Prop)
How to manage 3screens plus 1 panel screen.

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Unfortunately, this is not a feature supported in X-Plane at this time. You can only have two monitors with different views (cockpit & instructor operating system/map). In order to have different views on different monitors, you would have to have X-Plane running on different, networked computers.
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Thank you for your answer jroberts. I guess my question was misleading.....I would like to have a touch screen monitor for viewing the cockpit "monitor #1" (there are several add ons that will let you design instruments that work by touch like Panel Builder) and a second monitor for the main out the window display in full screen mode "monitor #2". My Titan video card will easily support this, I guess my question is how do I set this up (view/monitor #1 and view/monitor #2)? Is that done through the x-plane menu or Nvidia desktop menu or both?  Hope this makes more sense....Thank you!

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Sorry, I guess my response wasn't clear either! :)

At this time, X-Plane only supports two views on two monitors on the same computer. If you enable the Instructor Operating System (IOS) in the rendering options screen, you can see the map screen on the main monitor (that's the IOS). For the second monitor, you can change the view to only one of the radio buttons in the rendering options screen: forward with scenery only, forward with HUD, forward with panel, forward with 3D cockpit.

These are the only options for a single computer, multi-monitor set up. As far as I know there is no software that will over come this limitation of the sim.

Using the IOS may be a reasonable compromise for viewing/controlling instruments. You can check the "inst" box at the top of the map/IOS screen and it will show the instruments. Then set the second monitor to the view you'd prefer.