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Currently using X-Plane 9. Usually when I start X-Plane it would open in full screen. I have some how gotten it to go out of full screen and can not re-enter full screen. What is the best way to cause X-Plane to start in full screen?

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Go to Settings > Rendering Options and check "run fill screen at the res at right" near the top of the window.

If that box is already checked, your preferences have gotten messed up. Please rename, move or delete the preferences folder found in the Output folder of the main X-Plane folder. Then you will need to reset full screen by checking that box..
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Now I have some how gotten back to full screen but can't get out.
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Any time you get into a state you can't get out of or that you don't know how it happened, the best thing to try first is getting rid of your preferences as outlined above and going back to defaults.