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Hi folks,

I've invested in a HTC Vive VR headset and managed to get it going.  I'm not quite there yet so I tried to go back to 'normal' x plane and found I had  issues.

1. Missing sound.  Solved this by going in and out of xplane 10.

2. The VR envirnoment 'likes' Windows Aero.  I reverted back to 'plain' but found I had issues with the rendering.

a) Aero forces a windowed environment.  I found the option to revert to full screen.
b) The cockpit is zoomed horizontally and the ground appears warped.  Hard to land like this.

Any way to get back to 'normal' from 2b?

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Thank you guys for the re-aligning display solution.  I had a similar display issue in 2D after using FlyInside with the Vive and was perplexed.  Everything working well now.

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Check under the graphics settings in the lower right part of the screen and make sure all the rotation settings are set to default
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Hi Marty, I spotted those and selected restore default which made all values zero.
Hasn't changed the zooming at all, no change.
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Try to send a screenshot.   I'm unclear what you mean by zooming.   The period key and the comma key on your keyboard control cockpit zoom.   The plus and minus keys zoom the entire frame
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Hi Marty,

I found the solution.

I ended up running x plane on two different computers and went looking for the difference.

The differences (2) appeared in the Field of View section.

1. The lateral field of view was set to 90.  Changed that to 60.
2. The Use non-proportional vertical field of view was checked.  Unchecked that.

All well,
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Field of view... of course!   I never thought of this as "zoom," but that's exactly what it is.   Sorry I missed that.  It's actually a great feature... especially if you have a large monitor... you can up it to about 110% and see more of your cockpit
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Hi Marty,
Think I may have invested just a little too much for too little with the Vive.  Not very sharp, but I'll persevere.

I think I may have found an issue.  When Windows is in Aero mode and not using Vive, the HUD doesn't work.  I turned it off and the HUD came back.

There is another issue with Aero.  In non-Aero running of the simulator (not game) the screen will freeze for tiny periods of time.  In Aero mode, the screen will freeze for up to ten seconds.

I used to use the simulator on the iMac, but when the freezes happened it was all over red rover.  The video card just gave up.  I'm going to take Aero off on the iMac and see if it works without failing.
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Oculus Rift is much clearer.  I have both headsets here right now and spent the last few days comparing directly and I'm very sad to have to report this.  

I would much much much rather be a Vive customer, but the display is pretty bad on the Vive so I'll be selling mine and hoping the upcoming LG SteamVR headset is at least as good as Rift.  I'll switch to that even if it's just on par with Rift.