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0:30:07.774 D/ATC: p=1 (N01XP) cannot start at KMER: there is no parking spot of width at least 'F'.

I am getting the above message from log.txt after turning on ATC debugging.  The plane N01XP is a B-52.  5 out of 7 of the ramp starts at the airport are size "F" with "Heavy Jets" checked in Equipment type.
Taxiways are also sized "F".  I have 8 AI aircraft, 5 are B-52's (KMER is the former Castle AFB in Merced, CA, once home to SAC Squadrons...)

ATC is working fine, other aircraft spawn and taxi and take off, flows seem to work... just can't get the B-52 to spawn, take off, land...

is there some other entity - "parking spot" that needs to be set ?

could be a WED bug, using latest WED...

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Parking spots are "ramp starts" I believe as well. Sounds like a possible WED bug. Please file a bug report on the Scenery Tools tab of the Gateway bug reporter and include a copy of the file.