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As per previous comment, thank you for referring to this potential solution. Unfortunately, it does not work. Tried several times, rebooted.. and still same issue.

Current most optimal set up is still lowest possible graphic setting in x-plane rendering, and no matter how powerful graphic card, cpu or ram is, no way to improve this. Plugins must be all off.
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Hi Airmac101,

The Xbox fix seems to work for some, but not others. I had one person tell me that removing OSM data helped them instead, for example. 

X-Plane is not the only program negatively affected by the Windows 10 Anniversary update (see this post). It is not due to the 10.50 update as 10.45 also has this problem.

Please rest assured that we are not ignoring the issue. Windows users make up a majority of our users. It is just very slow going as this issue is at the intersection of X-Plane, Microsoft and possibly graphics cards.

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Appreciate the feed back. Can you advise further on how to complete: "removing OSM data" (steps required)


thank you
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Additional OSM (OpenStreetMap) data is found in some add ons, such as AlPilotX's HD mesh, World2XPlane, etc. I believe most of them are installed in custom scenery and could also simply be removed from there, but it may depend on each add on.
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It looks like when I just updated my NVIDIA GeForce  experience and then updated to driver version 373.06 (the latest newly available version) that I was now able to run a whole flight on the standard high settings, with no issues. Some 20's framerates lower to the ground and at the airport, but no freezes. I am using a GTX 770 video card, so am happy with that. I guess this was a nvidia driver issue ? Also, if you look at the release notes for this driver version, there are multiple references to fps issue fixes relating to windows 10.