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How do I disable this feature as I'm trying to fly with instruments? I've looked through all the folders etc. but can't find anything!
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I'm not familiar with this feature. Can you explain what you're experiencing a bit more?

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Thanks. I thought it was a new feature in the latest x-plane? Basically, the cockpit undulates constantly and when power is applied on T/O the g force appears to make the instrument panel descend, like the pilots head is forced back due to the acceleration.
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Hm, I don't recall that being added, but sometimes Austin sneaks stuff in. First I'd try disabling Cinema Verite under the view menu. Check for plugins that might be causing it too. Maybe a third party aircraft features this?
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You're a star! Cinema Verite was the culprit! Thanks.
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In views then at the bottom the it says cinema virtue if it is checked off the that's your problem.