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Presently have a Dell quad core with 4 gb of memory, a 1gb dedicated graphics card and a bus speed of 2.8 ghz. Other hardware includes Saitek yoke and rudder.

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Hi Snoopy1947,

I am a standard flight simmer just like you.  I have no connection with Laminar Research and I am no expert on X-plane.

From all of my readings of the Q&A's in the this forum, I understand that you would struggle just to run version 10.

Have a look at the current  minimum specs required for version 10 and even while you can, download the current Demo version of X-plane 10 and try it with your current PC unit.

I strongly suggest you will need to acquire a new PC.  My suggestion would be an absolute  minimum of an i5 processor, better still an i7 and use a nVidia card in preference to AMD.  There a several YouTube videos making mention of the non use of AMD.