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I know some have brought this up with the digital version and I would like to know if those of use who purchased the Full Global DVD Edition of X-Plane 10 v10.32 R1 directly Laminar Research in 2016 would be eligible for the free upgrade or a possible discount perhaps.

I purchased it on 02 MAR 2016 20:43:03 - Order #: MEYER-xxxxxxxxx for $59.95. It is still in the shrink wrap. I didn't even open it yet - Lack of time this year lol

Is there going to be a possible markdown on the price if it is not offered as a free upgrade ?


Tim Dickerson - ARS N9NU


I just noticed this on Laminar Research's page. Only the digital download copy of 10 is eligible. I think that bites. I bought both complete DVD sets for 9 and 10 directly from LR and both are unused.


















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Hi Tom,

Yes, your update is correct. Only the v10 Digital Download version currently offered at X-Plane.com will come with a free copy of X-Plane 11.

Please understand you do NOT need to purchase v10 again.

Just like in the past, there is no "upgrade" from V10 to V11. You can buy the special Combo Package that we are offering now - a Digital License and Serial Number to X-Plane 10 that will also unlock X-Plane 11 (for free) or you can buy V11 outright when it is released. In either case, the price will be the same, $60.00. You can order the combo package currently at x-plane.com

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