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I am new here so do not just attack me about random stuff please.

I purchased X-Plane 10 North America about a year ago. I was satisfied with this so I bought the global upgrade to the North America sim. After receiving the discs, I downloaded the content via a disc drive and then inserted disc 1 of North America. I attempted to set my starting point in London (EGGL), but I got the message that I was going out of my zone and I needed to have the global version. As instructed I swapped the disks with GLOBAL DISK 1. Same message. I do not know what is happening. I really do not want to buy another copy of this sim. Thank's in advance. If you could just give me step by step instructions that would be the best.

-Carter Christie

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DVD 1 of the Regional set will unlock X-Plane from demo mode, so you'll want to keep that one it the disc drive most times. Please try starting X-Plane with the regional DVD in the drive to unlock demo mode. Then swap it for the global DVD and go to an airport out of your region. It should load (if you have the scenery installed). That should put the info from both DVDs in your DRM files so you'll have access next time. If you get a message about demo mode, put in the Regional DVD again.