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Every time I have landed this challenge I crash. Also it permanently says Global best score 64, are you telling me no one has completed this challenge? I'm using x-plane 10 mobile on an Ipad air with IOS 10. I have tried rebooting, reinstalling the software etc. Still a problem, what seems like a perfectly controlled landing, spoilers up, thrust reverser on, brakes on then crash.
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I can't even land. As soon as I tap the screen to initiate play, my aircraft automatically pitches upward, like a ridiculous amount... I personally think there's a glitch since the most recent update. I've noticed that with a lot of these challenges. Do you know of any youtube channel or any other place to see tutorials or walkthroughs of how to successfully complete these challenges?
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I have made a perfect landing and each time it says I have crashed with a zero score in any category. This despite seeing it land perfectly on playback. I am using an iPad here.

I would add that all other commercial planes I used I have scored into the 90's. WTF?
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I agree why ask these questions if it won't be fixed? I'm sure it's a simple bug fix.
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OMG after 2 years of trying. I’ve figured it out. You need to fly inbound to the runway on heading 150. Cross the runway threshold and turn left heading away for the runway east on a heading of 30-40. Fly outbound until you see the score change to 00100 then turn left back to 210, line up and do a normal approach. You still crash but it now registers a score. 72% on my first try. Good luck!

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Did you ever get an answer or find a workaround? I'm having the exact problem.
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Nope. Have given up now after hundreds of perfect landings. Very disappointing
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I agree, very disappointing.
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I've had 3 great landings now and each one is marked 'crash' right when my wheels hit the runway
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Well I got 91% now, still crashed and still no pass. Wtf
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Pic of the landing