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Just curious, but why are there so many unanswered questions on this forum?  Some of these questions are quite good and answers would help others.

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There are not many people who work these forums. I have recently joined and having been trying to answer these questions. If there are specific questions you would like to see answered, put the links in this thread.

Otherwise, I have been backtracking and trying to answer some questions.
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I'm having problems with the hat switch settings and viewpoint on a freeware plane, DHC-1 Chipmunk, and I was told in email by an X-plane tech to look for answers here as the forum isn't and official X-Plane site. I was about to ask why this site was so underpopulated and this thread was recommended as a place to search for the answer before I posted the same question.

Based on the advice I got from X-Plane techs, they should be on here answering questions. Aw, but that would mean they would have to hire more troubleshooters, wouldn't it? This application has a lot of bugs even after all the time it's been around. X-Plane for 11 is new and a lot of changes and a lot of bugs. We need official answers.