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when i load xp10 on a win7/x64 system, I observered a lot of Hard Faults/sec in the resource monitor - It´s at max often during loading, that means 100 or more. It takes awful lot of time to load also.

Afaik that means a lot of swapping is done.

Now, the point is I have 16Gig and max mem never exceeded 8. There is at least 6Gig free. Why so many swappings, why so many hard faults?



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I'm not sure I quite understand the issue here, but X-Plane is known to load slowly on Windows computers. 

Keep in mind you have to turn the multi-threaded driver option off on NVidia hardware (if applicable) for X-Plane to function well. What is happening is: X-Plane is launching enough threads to use all of your cores for background processing, water processing, scenery loading, etc. and then the threaded driver is launching more threads.  The result is too many threads fighting for too few cores. This is something we're looking into more for X-Plane 11.