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I opened up quick flight and all my planes are missing.  I just have a white empty box where my planes used to be. When I open aircraft same thing empty white box.  I can hit rescan all day long nothing happens.  I have tried several restarts and run xplane update nothing fixes this.  My xplane folder has all the planes their in the aircraft folder. Everything was working fine yesterday but when I started x plane today no planes. I can start quick flight and it will start with last aircraft I flew last night but i have no selection to choose another. All the scenery files are working fine too.
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Same problem here, I deleted all the nav data and still nothing. I can only fly the FlyJSim-727-Study-v2 but I can not open any other aircraft, the menu is blank(empty). I tried many different suggestions that I found in the web but the problem remains,  I running out of ideas. Any fix for this????

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Please attach a copy of your log.txt and screenshots of this issue. If you have any plugins, please try removing them just to be safe.
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I found this issue, there was a navdata folder in the main xplane folder that was causing the problem. I removed that and planes are all back.