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I have installed X-plane 8.21 on my Windows and it has come up with a error saying BE ADVISED Could not open object. lib/airport/landscape/beacon1.obj (3_init.cpp line 250. I need to know what this means and I just want this gone so I can fly planes!!.

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I highly recommend purchasing a new version of X-Plane. Laminar Research has poured incredibly large time and and effort into the new versions, and continues to support X-Plane 10 (with X-Plane 11 coming out within the next one to two months).

I would also understand if you prefer to stick with X-Plane 8. This error seems to be originating from the root library folder. The easiest way I can recommend is to run the installer/updater application. This can be found here:

1.) Scroll to "Download X-Plane 8 Updater/Demo Installer"

2.) Select "Download For Windows"

3.) Run the installer; this should locate corrupted, modified, or missing root-folder files, and replace them with the correct version. This should fix your issue.

If not, please notify me.