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I bought and using Xplane 10 since a couple years ago. How can I get Xplane 11?





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You can either buy the special Combo Package that we are offering now - a Digital License and Serial Number to X-Plane 10 that will also unlock X-Plane 11 (for free) or you can buy V11 outright when it is released later this year. Here is the store page for purchases.

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How much does the first version cost?
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It's up to you, but you can purchase X-Plane 10 now here: because it comes with the X-Plane 11 product key, which is right now $59.99. I am not sure what the official selling point will be on release date, which is the only reason I can think of doing it (because it might be cheaper now). Since you already own X-Plane 10, though, it should not make a huge difference at the end of the day. :) 

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I will buy the combo right now if you can tell me that the price of the XP11 alone will not be less than 60 UDS.
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I do not know. I am not affiliated with Laminar Research, so I cannot tell you the selling price (I don't know it). Sorry.