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I have only been able to record partial flights, that is it only includes the last 20 minutes if the flight. Is there a time limit for recordings?

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How are you recording them? Are you saving it as a replay or as a movie?
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I am saving it as a replay. Is there a better way? Please advise.

Thanks for you prompt reply.
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You can use "Ctrl-SPACEBAR" to start movie-mode in X-Plane, which is basically like an integrated X-Plane screen recorder. Make sure you change the settings though... the default movie settings are quite low. Both the "Replay" function and "Movie" function have drawbacks, naturally. The "Replay" function does not always re-simulate some data from aircraft, especially add ons (such as lights, wing flex, etc), while the movie feature can lag, and I don't believe it records audio. Some people record movies during "Replay', but then you are limited to the constraints of the "Replay" function.


For actually recording a 3 hour flight, you will find that most YouTubers simply use a third-party screen-recorder program. Bear in mind that a 3-hour screenrecorded flight from X-Plane will generate a massive, massive file.