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Hi, I have a copy of X-plane 10 Digital version installed on my Mac, the upgrade to X-plane 11 is free? Tks.

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If your order for a Digital Download copy of X-Plane 10 was placed at within four weeks before our announcement of the V10 + 11 combo package (that is, your order was placed Sept 9th through October 8th, 2016), please e-mail [email protected] directly after V11 is officially released (this holiday season) with a full copy of your v10 receipt.

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the order was the August 15, 2015, is posible the upgrade?
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its unfair for people who just bought it like a few months ago -__-

bought it for $50 then theres a new one to be released the next month, there should be atleast a discount for people who bought v10 before :/
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@jhay777 When did you purchase X-Plane 10?

It is not logical to give discounts too far away from the announcement date. Laminar Research would be badgered to extend it further and further. There was simply a cutoff, and a courtesy period (4 weeks before the announcement). Any other purchases before than are not eligible for discount. Sorry.
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i bought xplane10 global (digital Mac version) last summer for 50/60$. it is unfair that for people who already have the simulator must pay again 50$ to get the upgrade. if you still have the plane 9,  then i think it is not unfair to sell the new xplane11; but for people who have plane 10.45 or plane 10.5, it is very unfair from Laminar research. laminar reaswerch is selling already xplane11 under a xplane10 version that i already have; so now i must rebuy the flightsim?!??!?!?! not cool laminar research, not cool.
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i totally agree w/ u
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With all due respect, how is it not fair? I also own X-Plane 10, and I am perfectly happy paying for X-Plane 11. It is not just an "upgrade". It is a new simulator; many overhauled features and some major improvements.

It would be completely unfair TO Laminar Research if they just gave copies of XP11 away to everyone. That is an illogical business model, especially after the Uniloc lawsuit. If you actually want Laminar Research to continue development, you have to at least chip in something.

Just as users of XP9 had to pay for XP10, XP10 users must pay for XP11. What is different? Anybody who owns a videogame in a franchise is willing to buy the next installment, so why are you not willing to do so with X-Plane? X-Plane 11 is not an "update". It is an overhaul. And overhauls cost money :-). I have no problem with paying, and I am excited to throw money at Laminar Research because of the amazing work they truly do.

Users of FSX or P3D (as in practically every FSX or P3D video online) spend hundreds of dollars on the base simulator just to use it for flights. With X-Plane, you don't need to spend nearly as much if you know what to do. X-Plane is a steal for what it is, so I'm not complaining.

Also, please do not wrongly Flag a comment/post.
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I bought X-Plane10 for $59.95 and I am not going to spend this amount soon to buy XP11  and send XP10 to the recycle bin when I used it for only for 5 or 6 months. I have seen on youtube very cool  Prepar3d  videos with great scenery and I want to buy it . Lockheed Martin is selling the P3D V.4  Academic license for the same price as LR is selling X-Plane 11. Anybody can give me an advice? Should I stay with X-Plane?
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@Jaime Lovera

I am sorry you purchased the simulator so soon; I was in a very similar predicament with an equally-expensive add-on aircraft which release a version two... meanwhile I have only had the aircraft for a number of months! 

Yet the companies must run. There was a two-month courtesy period, and that is all Laminar Research felt they could logically do, and I can totally respect that. 

As for the preference of staying with X-Plane... I would certainly recommend it, but it is strictly an opinion. People will say "No, go to P3D", while others would say "No way P3D... stick with X-Plane". I mean, X-Plane 11 looks truly amazing, and the default aircraft are generally better than the default aircraft of FSX (and I am assuming P3D, as well). I would say it is more a matter of how much your system can handle and how much money you would want to spend on add-ons for X-Plane or P3D. At the end of the day, I think you have to spend less money on X-Plane to get it to an ideal position than you would with P3D, so I, personally, would stick with X-Plane. :-)