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By Cessna 172SP works Flight Plan with LOC and Autopilot to AUTO good. All Waypoints are automatically done.

But by Baron B58  I try all combinations of NAV, AP and FD but it does not work.

APPR with AP by Baron works wery well.

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Each autopilot in the default aircraft is slightly different. They don't necessarily all have the same functions enabled. In order to investigate if it's a bug or just a misunderstanding, I'd need to know the exact steps you take, as specific as possible, and what actually happens versus what you expected to happen.
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These steps I did:

Garmin 530: CDI > GPS

Direct to, I made an ACTIVE FLIGHT PLAN: LON, FRK, OCK, BNN, BLC and BIG

Then: MENU, Activate leg?, ENT

COM 1 on

Then: AP, ALT and NAV

But today I re-enacted it, and it works well. He flies automatically at each waypoint to the next waypoint. Sorry my mistake. Must COM 1 be enabled? Maybe must AP on and not FD. Those two works as a toggle. One or another.