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Friday I did a pretty good run from Waukegan (IL) to O'Hare, then on to Green Bay (WI), over to Steven's Point (WI) and finally ended my journey back home at KCWA. Everything ran fine.

Saturday and today, X-Plane is basically unflyable. (pausing, stuttering, running VERY slowly) I timed it out, and 30 seconds on the ETE clock (GPS) is taking 2 minutes and 29 seconds (irl). Just a quick hop from KCWA to KAUW (one way) is taking in excess of an hour.

Must have restarted the computer and X-Plane what seems like 100 times, and even tried other planes. No dice.

What happened? How do I get my X-Plane back?

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We have heard quite a few complaints about X-Plane and Windows 10 anniversary edition. Please make sure both are up to date. A solution that seemed to work for a lot of people was updating their graphics drivers. Another possible solution is available here.

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Okay, tried the X-box thing and not only did it not fix anything, but I now have a password on my Welcome/Lock screen and yet another useless account to manage.

So far all searches for updating drivers have taken me to websites that charge anywhere from $39.99 one time, to $34.99 a month, and strangely, none of them mention anything about any kind of guarantee. Meh, oh well, keep at 'er I guess.
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You should be able to update your graphics card drivers for free through the manufacturer's site (AMD/Nvidia).
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Okay, don't know how I got through the first 40 hours or so, but I looked into my laptop's specs. The processor's only an i3 @ 2,200 mHZ, the disk drive just barely meets the minimum at 8GB, and the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is listed on as being unplayable with them finding frame rates on X-Plane 10.25 (high graphics quality setting) of only 4 - 5.7 fps. I did a flight last night and the framerate bounced around from 3.1 to 6.1.  I think this machine's just a bit light for what I'm trying to do here.

Over the weekend, I went up and ordered a new gaming computer. CyberPowerPC, AMD FX-8320 cpu, 16 gb memory, 2 tb hard drive, GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. The Asus PG248Q sounds like it should be a pretty stout performer, too. Really hope this'll get me back up in the (virtual) air.