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If i buy x plane 10 on the site can i use the code on steam and if so can i use x plane 11 code on steam when i get it to?

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No, you must purchase X-Plane 10 DIGITAL through directly if you want the combo code for X-Plane 11. To anyone else viewing this comment, it is clearly stated on the X-Plane website that Steam purchases of X-Plane are not eligible for a free copy of X-Plane 11.

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Thata not what i asked. Im asking if i buy x plane 10 on the website can i use the digital code FROM THE WEBSITE on steam and if so will the code for x plane 11 i get if i purchase off the website work on steam.
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I am not sure why you want to have it go to Steam. If you purchase the bundle, you get an X-Plane 10 DIGITAL download right to your computer from the website. The same applies with X-Plane 11. Steam is not part of the equation, and so I doubt you would be able to use the code for Steam.