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Purchased X-plane 11 on Steam.  Have a couple bugs.  Interested in opting in to Betas.  Installed separate digital installer, which gave me option to update my current (Steam) version, including most recent Beta- however I only had access, then, to Demo mode.  I have to uninstall and re-install from within Steam now, I suppose.  Can I get Betas through, or after, Steam install?

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You can NOT use the Laminar Research installer with Steam installs. You can get release candidate betas with Steam by going to X-Plane's properties and opt into betas.
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Thank you for the reply.

I've searched quite a bit and cannot find anywhere within X-plane 11.00 (from Steam) to opt into betas.  I've looked throughout the settings menus/screens and the "About X-plane" page.  Can you direct me more precisely if you're certain this is available within Steam X-plane?
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Well, after searching some more, it appears that I opt into betas on Steam itself, not within X-plane.  However, Steam is prompting for a beta access code... where can I get that?
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Right click on the X-Plane 11 name in the Library list. Click on Properties, then "Betas" tab. I don't think you need a code--it says it's only for private betas and these are not private.
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11.01 is final now though so there should be an automatic update.