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green bar calibration is working but throttle stay in 3/4 of travel and just goes for second in idle ,but stays not there ,view knob also dont works good ,tried to send log file hope you can view it 

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This was the installer log, not the log from using X-Plane.

Please try removing any plugins to see if they're interfering. If that doesn't fix it, please try moving, renaming or deleting the preferences folder (found in Output).
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sorry for the wrong log text here is i hope the right one ,disabled the plugin wich was the throttle devise ,and deleted the preferences but still the problem exist

,hope you can find something wrong in the logfile wich i send you now ,greetings 


 Johannes de Jong

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Please try re-calibrating the device and attach a screenshot of the joystick screen with the device plugged in.

Do you have any drivers installed for it? A while back someone had issues with a Saitek device and USB 3.0 drivers. Once the drivers were uninstalled the issues went away.
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removed drivers restarted xplane 10 ,changed also usb locations (2) ,the flightcontrols calibrating is going good but unlike the bar of the throttles lh/rh are green the throttles stay in 70 % position like in picture  i try to send with ,

also will send logfile again ,hope you can find out ,greetings 


Johannes de Jong

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may be its better to wait for the Xplane 11 ,because of the problem from 7 november till now didnt fly because of this problem with throttle of flight sim yoke from ch products had same problem ,with fsx and p3dv3 everything is working fine without adjustment .